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By Carmen Cincotti  

A Blog About Graphics

Carmen’s Graphics Blog is a computer graphics blog focusing on providing in-depth tutorials on computer graphics topics ranging from computer graphics APIs, math and science concepts regularly encountered in computer graphics work, and software that is commonly used in industry.

The blog was created by me, Carmen Cincotti (hence the domain), in February 2022 as a personal blog that has since grown into something much larger.

Content submission is not just limited to me - content creators are invited to contribute to the blog! Ways to contribute might include:

  • Creating introduction computer graphics tutorials to budding developers
  • Presenting more advanced computer graphic content to experienced developers
  • Providing accessible computer graphic content with topics ranging from but not limited to:
    • WebGPU/WebGL/Vulkan/Metal/OpenGL
    • The Rendering Pipeline
    • Particle based simulations (Position Based Dynamics)
    • Texturing
    • Lighting
    • Video Game Development and Mechanics
  • Explain math and science concepts that computer graphcis developers may regularly encounter:
    • Linear Algebra
    • Physics
  • Creating tutorials for software commonly used in the computer graphics industry:
    • Blender
    • Maya
    • Houdini

Additionally, each article that is submitted by me, Carmen Cincotti, is written in both English and French.

Goals for the Blog

The north star is growth. Specifically, I’m aiming to:

  • Invite and allow others to contribute to the blog.
  • Explore other mediums to share knowledge.
  • Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Encourage the sharing of articles.
  • Create an engaging community of members.

Some of these items are underway, as I’ve started a YouTube channel, have opened the blog up for others to share content, and have added a comments section. But there is still work to be done!

About Carmen

I’m a graphics enthusiast. I use the word enthusiast as my professional background isn’t super involved with computer graphics, although I have done quite a bit of graphics for the web while working on 3D rendering for my current company, Lumafield - although I have since switched to DevOps engineering.

I lke writing. For me, keeping this blog about computer graphics has been a very enjoyable experience up to this point as it is both a creative and intellectual endeavor.

I reside in San Francisco, where I perform comedy (@beeftownimprov), learn languages (French), and perform feats of strength (HIT, boxing, trapeze)

Thank you for checking out the blog! - Carmen

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